Designer Disco - Sydney Design

Australian INFront and Future Classic have teamed up to create a visual counterpart to Future Classics popular clubnight ' Adult Disco' during Sydney Design week. The lane-way behind the venue will be illuminated by an array of light boxes and function as exhibition space. Sopp was asked amongst such talented people as Alter, Future Classic, Greedy Hen, Leif Podhajsky, Like Minded Studio, Miricro/Maricar, Sensory, String Theory, Toko and We Buy Your Kids to contribute to the exhibition.

To tie in with 'Adult Disco' all artwork had to be about 'music' and was printed as Duo-tone.

Here are our three.

   01. Music from beneath 
   02. We dance, then we eat
   03. Untitled

Also to coincide with the show Future Classic has made a compilation of 15 of their fave tracks from the Future Classic catalogue for free download. free download